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You list and sell real estate.  That is what you do.  That is what you are trained to do.  But, part of selling real estate is having great pictures of your listings for the MLS®, the internet and brochures.  Most REALTORS® are not trained for that.  Or have the gear.

Today’s Buyers almost always start their search looking at photos on the internet.  Cell phones today are marvels of technology and some take some pretty good photos.  But they are not comparable to professional quality photography.  Do you want buyers viewing average photos of your listings, or beautiful HDR photos?

That is what we do.  We take great pictures of your listings so you can display them in the best possible light, on the ‘net or in print.  All indoor photos are taken in HDR (High Dynamic Range) to achieve the best results.  The lights areas are properly exposed.  The dark areas are properly exposed.  And everything in between.

Click HERE to see a gallery of some of my work.

Photos are delivered to you in HDR (High Dynamic Range), high resolution, MLS® usable files by way of a link where you can download them to your computer.  You may use the photos any way you like, on the MLS®, in print and on your own web site. If you require the RAW, files, they are available as well.


Package 1:
  $147.00 including GST ($140 plus GST).  This includes up to 30 HDR, high resolution photos.  This package is perfect for most homes up to about 1,500 ft2 or 140 m2

Package 2:  $189.00 including GST ($180 plus GST) including up to 60 HDR, high resolution photos.  This package is great for most homes from 1,500 ft.2 to 3,500 ft2 or 325 m2.

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NOTE:  We are photographers, not housekeepers.  The camera sees what the camera sees, and it sees everything.  While we don’t mind moving a coffee cup or a newspaper, we are not going to move the laundry.  So, please advise your clients to make the home presentable.