Cruise Week! We boarded the Royal Princess for a week cruising the Western Caribbean. With stops in Grand Cayman, Roatan (Honduras), Belize City (Belize) and Cozumel (Mexico) we had a great week. The daily rundowns are with each day.

First a few random cruise thoughts. For those who have cruised, this is not news. For those who haven’t cruised however…..

– Food. There is a lot of food on a cruise.

– Service. Marvelous! An example. I don’t think our room steward ever slept. Whenever we left our room, there he was, within a few doors, asking if we need anything. He would tidy the room 3 times a day, whether it need it or not.

– Entertainment. More shows (and good ones) than you can see. Going on in different parts of the ship simultaneously.

– Size. These ships are enormous! Royal Princess is 141,00 tons, 3,650 passengers, 1,350 crew. That is on crew member for every 2.7 passengers. The Allure of the Seas, 235,000 tons. To put this into perspective, the Battleship Bismark was 49,500 tons and Titanic was only 46,000. I think a lot of the tonnage is food.

– Restaurants. There are several restaurants on board that would be a fine as any restaurant we have ever dined in. There is also a buffet. Think of the largest, best buffet you have ever seen and then triple it. There must be 150 items for breakfast and dinner. And good food, unlike most buffets.

– More on the service. One morning I was walking along at the breakfast buffet and I dropped a piece of bacon. I bent down to pick it up but it was too late. One of the staff already had it. If you finished a plate, it was gone from the table within seconds. Unbelievable.

– I think it is better (certainly cheaper) to do off ship shore excursions. The ones we got from Princess were fine but the ones on shore were as good and half the price.

Anyway, more comments with each day.

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