I am not a history buff.  At least I didn’t think I was.  And, I have no plans on becoming an expert, but it is hard not to appreciate history when you are absolutely surrounded by it.

We are in the middle of a historical triangle of epic proportions.  From Jamestown (five miles away) where the first English settlement in America was founded in 1607, to Yorktown (10 miles) where a major battle was fought between George Washington’s Colonial Army and General Cornwallis of the British during the Revolutionary War and then another major Civil War battle 73 years later (the site of Lincoln’s “Four Score and Seven Years Ago” speech), to Colonial Williamsburg the Capitol of Virginia for many years, this area is incredible.  All either extremely well preserved or re-created.

Then there is William & Mary University, the second university to get a charter in America in 1693. The main hall was built in 1695 and is still in use. Oh, and the world’s largest naval base is nearby as well.  Enough to keep us busy for the week (and then some).

The area is very well forested, the architecture is beautiful and the history is inescapable.

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