Sometimes things just work out. When I planned this journey, I had never heard of “Spotsylvania”. I booked this particular location because of it’s proximity to Washington, DC as it is only about 50 miles away. We wanted to go back and see Washington again (previous visit in 2006), which we did. Little did I realize that Spotsylvania is literally in the middle of four major battles of the Civil War. And very close to the homes of 3 Presidents (Washington, Jefferson and Madison) and Robert E. Lee.

We did spend our day in Washington but we also spent a lot of time driving around hallowed ground, where so many (over 100,000) lost their lives, reading the stories and learning so much. And, as a bonus, the countryside is very beautiful (even in the snow we got one day). If anyone is at all a history buff, this is a great place to visit.

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