7. Road Trip – 2018/2019: Dec. 8 to Dec. 14

Our week in Gautier started off with a day of rain.  And it didn’t just rain, it poured!  It started about 1:00 am and was a steady downpour until 5:00 or 6:00 Saturday evening.

After some exploring around the Gautier, MS area we went to Mobile, Alabama on the third day.  Lovely town.  Next the big day in New Orleans.  What a place.  Again we made the mistake of only spending one day there.  Lots more time is really needed to see this beautiful city.

A day trip to Dauphin Island, AL and then another rainy day spent at the resort in Gautier.  Finally a very interesting drive from Gautier, MS to Perry, FL along the gulf coast.  Hurricane Michael was devastating as the pictures will show.