My name is Bing Fountain and I love photography.  I have had photos published in magazines, calendars and commercial web sites.  For over a decade I have been photographing landscapes, sports, wildlife, architecture and real estate.

I have also been a licensed REALTOR® in Alberta for over 35 years (CREB for all of it & CARA for the past 4 years) so I know what good real estate photography looks like.  And because I am a REALTOR® and a member of CARA,  I can access listings via the Supra box to do the photography without you being present.

I have a passion for being able to share the beauty of the amazing world around us, and I also have done some teaching of photography with Learn Photography Canada.

Currently, my “go-to” camera is a Canon 5D MK IV with several other Canon bodies in the bag along with a host of lenses, from macro to wide angle and large zooms.

Originally this web site was created as a travel photography site so family and friends could follow my wife and I on our travels.  However, it has now become much more.  Having been a REALTOR® for over 35 years, and enjoying architectural photography, it was a natural for me to branch out into real estate photography.

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